A Pro’s Guide on Finding the Best Dealership for BMW Repair in Portland

BMW Repair Portland

BMW Repair for Discerning Drivers

BMW car owners are known to be very cautious with their vehicles, which is why hiring a mechanic that is both cautious and keen on your vehicle is so important. Just like any other high-powered car, BMW’s require frequent servicing, repair and maintenance checks to ensure that its performance is exemplary. It is vital that you hire the best mechanic that’s highly skilled in BMW repair Portland. Although many attest to their own skill, there are certain qualities that drivers should check before making a decision.

How to Choose a BMW Service Facility

1. Skills and Experience
When it comes to hands-on jobs such as car servicing, a mechanic’s experience on the job says a lot. The longer they have been in business, the better the chances they can restore your BMW to perfection. This is one of the reasons as to why we only let highly trained mechanics join our team. Upon qualifying and meeting our strict standards, we further take them through a series of tests and training to have them in line with our high standards. This is one of the reasons as to why we remain the most reliable company in Portland.

2. High Level of Professionalism
Professionalism is key for any business. You should be treated with utmost respect right from the moment you approach the company. You should feel well taken care of and involved in the process. This is why we ensure that all our clients are handles with an unmatched professionalism from all our members of staff. This reminds you that you are indeed dealing with the best there is.

3. Get Involved
Truth be told, most people form strong emotional ties with their vehicles. We understand and respect this and it is why we extend our services to include the car owners. If you wish, you shall remain in full contact with your allocated mechanic. They will keep you updated on the progress of your vehicle. You are also free to drop by and witness the repair process. Our mechanics will be more than happy to give you tips on improving the performance of your car as well as prolonging its life.

4. Variety of Services
You would be pleased to know that we have a wide variety of services under our banner. After the repair of your BMW is completed, you can request to have it washed, oil changed or other check ups were done to it to ensure that it is in the best position. This eliminates the need to look for these services elsewhere. After all, having your car fixed and handled by one mechanic is highly advisable.

An Honest, Local BMW Service Shop

Our mechanics are specially trained and skilled in the repair of BMWs. Besides this, they have access to tools, diagnostic parts and computers to ensure a smooth running in the repair process. For one to be considered an expert in handling the needs of a BMW, they need to have a 5 year + experience with BMWs. There’s no certification needed for this but you’d have more peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is in safe and skilled hands.

Places to Check Out While You Wait For Repair Service

Our shop is located on SE 92nd Avenue, just off the I-205 freeway. Though the area is home to several car lots and manufacturing facilities, some of our clients like to take the opportunity to visit the nearby Springwater Corridor pedestrian path, or take a walk around Glenwood City Park while they wait. Ask us about things to do in the area if you’ve got a few hours to spend.

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